Home Energy Yardstick (HEY)
(powered by Portfolio Manager)

EPA's Home Energy Yardstick (HEY) provides a simple assessment of your home's annual energy use compared to similar homes. By answering a few basic questions about your home, you can get:

  • Your home's ENERGY STAR score (on a scale of 1 to 100, with an average home scoring 50);
  • Insights into how much of your home's energy use is related to heating and cooling versus other everyday uses like appliances, lighting, and hot water;
  • Links to guidance from ENERGY STAR on how to increase your home's score, improve comfort, and lower utility bills
  • An estimate of your home's annual carbon emissions
Scores may not be available for the most recent 12-month period. ENERGY STAR uses real-time weather data to calculate your home’s score and it usually takes until the 10th of the month to upload the previous month's weather data. For example, from Jan 1-10, you might get an error that your score for the period ending Dec 31 is not available.