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Create Customer

Updated on July 17, 2013


This web service creates an account for a customer based on the information provided in the XML request and establishes a connection to your account. It returns the unique identifier to the newly created account and a link to the corresponding web service to retrieve it.

After creating a new Portfolio Manager account for your customer, you may want to provide them their user account information (i.e., username, password, security questions, etc.). If you decide to provide them this information, you will have to securely communicate this information to your customer on your own. None of the Portfolio Manager web services will transmit this user information to your customer for you.



HTTP Method


Resource URL



Field Name Value Comments
Authorization Basic credentials
Content-Type application/xml

Authorization Required




XML Schemas

Request/Response Schema Name
Request account.xsd
Response response.xsd

Example Request

The following example creates a customer account.

POST  /customer

<account> <username>acme_customer</username> <password>PA$sw0r6</password> <webserviceUser>true</webserviceUser> <searchable>false</searchable> <contact> <firstName>Jack</firstName> <lastName>Brown</lastName> <address address1="123 South St" city="Arlington" state="VA" postalCode="22201" country="US"/> <email>jack_brown@acme.com</email> <jobTitle>Building Administrator Data Exchange User</jobTitle> <phone>703-555-2121</phone> </contact> <organization name="ACME Corporation"> <primaryBusiness>Other</primaryBusiness> <otherBusinessDescription>other</otherBusinessDescription> <energyStarPartner>true</energyStarPartner> <energyStarPartnerType>Service and Product Providers</energyStarPartnerType> </organization> </account>

Example Response

The following example indicates that the customer account was successfully created.

<response status="Ok">
        <link httpMethod="GET" link="/customer/23421"
              linkDescription="This is the GET url for this Customer."/>