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Get Available Metrics List

Updated on February 12, 2023


This web service returns a list of all available metrics that can be used in a report template.



HTTP Method


Resource URL



Field Name Value Comments
Authorization Basic credentials

Authorization Required



Parameter Name Description
groupIds Optional. Comma delimited list of group unique identifiers to filter on. Defaults to all groups.

XML Schemas

Request/Response Schema Name
Request None
Response reportMetrics.xsd

Example Requests

The example below retrieves the list of metrics that are in groups with a groupId of 1 and 13.

GET  /reports/metrics?groupIds=1,13

The example below retrieves the list of all the metrics.

GET  /reports/metrics

Example Response

The following example shows the results when you call this web service.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
     <group id="1" name="Data Accuracy">
               <metric id="6" name="estimatedDataFlagElectricityGridPurchase" description="Estimated Data Flag - Electricity (Grid Purchase)" dataType="string"/>
               <metric id="7" name="estimatedDataFlagElectricityOnsiteSolar" description="Estimated Data Flag - Electricity (Onsite Solar)" dataType="string"/>
               <metric id="9" name="estimatedDataFlagNaturalGas" description="Estimated Data Flag - Natural Gas" dataType="string"/>
               <metric id="10" name="estimatedDataFlagFuelOilNo2" description="Estimated Data Flag - Fuel Oil (No. 2)" dataType="string"/>
               <!-- assume more records -->
     <group id="2" name="Data Center Metrics">
               <metric id="132" name="dataCenterSourcePUE" description="Data Center - PUE" dataType="numeric"/>
               <metric id="133" name="dataCenterITEquipmentInputSiteEnergy" description="Data Center - IT Equipment Input Meter" dataType="numeric" uom="kWh"/>
               <metric id="134" name="dataCenterPDUInputSiteEnergy" description="Data Center - PDU Input Meter" dataType="numeric" uom="kWh"/>
               <metric id="135" name="dataCenterPDUOutputSiteEnergy" description="Data Center - PDU Output Meter" dataType="numeric" uom="kWh"/>
               <metric id="136" name="dataCenterUPSOutputSiteEnergy" description="Data Center - UPS Output Meter" dataType="numeric" uom="kWh"/>
               <metric id="137" name="dataCenterITSiteEnergy" description="Data Center - IT Site Energy" dataType="numeric" uom="kWh"/>
               <metric id="138" name="dataCenterITSourceEnergy" description="Data Center - IT Source Energy" dataType="numeric" uom="kBtu"/>
               <metric id="139" name="dataCenterPUEMedian" description="Data Center - National Median PUE" dataType="numeric"/>
     <group id="3" name="Property Design">
               <metric id="140" name="designScore" description="Design ENERGY STAR Score" dataType="numeric"/>
               <metric id="141" name="designSiteTotal" description="Design Site Energy Use" dataType="numeric" uom="kBtu"/>
               <!-- assume more records -->
     <!-- assume more records -->