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Get Report Status

Updated on February 12, 2023


This web service returns information on the status of the report. The report must be owned by you.

The following are valid statuses:
  • INITIALIZED - Indicates that the report was initially created or its configuration (i.e., timeframe, properties, metrics, etc.) has been updated.
  • SUBMITTED - Indicates that the report has been submitted for generation and is waiting to be generated.
  • IN_PROCESS - Indicates that the report is currently being generated.
  • FAILED - Indicates that the report encountered an unknown error during the generation step.
  • GENERATED - Indicates that report has completed generation and is available for download.



HTTP Method


Resource URL



Field Name Value Comments
Authorization Basic credentials

Authorization Required



Parameter Name Description
reportId Id of the report

XML Schemas

Request/Response Schema Name
Request None
Response reportStatus.xsd

Example Request

The following example retrieves status information for a report.

GET  /reports/19744/status

Example Response

The following example shows the results when you call this web service.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>