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Target Finder Services

Target Finder Services allows you to retrieve the estimated annual energy consumption associated with specific property design characteristics, and an energy performance goal expressed as either an ENERGY STAR score or % Better than Median. Conversely, you may also retrieve the ENERGY STAR score and % Better than Median associated with the estimated annual energy consumption of a specific property design. These metrics allow you to estimate how much energy your property would need to consume annually to reach your design energy goal, or conversely, determine the ENERGY STAR score that would be associated with your design estimated energy consumption. Target Finder Services does require user authentication but the property design information that you submit will not be saved for later reference. Your results can be returned in the set of units that you specify.

Target Finder

Method REST URI * Description
POST /targetFinder?measurementSystem=(measurementSystem) Returns a list of metric values based on a specified property design. User authentication is required to use this web service.

* For the LIVE environment, relative to the base URI:  https://portfoliomanager.energystar.gov/ws