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Home Energy Yardstick Servces

Home Energy Yardstick Services allows you to receive a simple assessment of your home's annual energy use compared to similar homes. By providing some information about your home, you can get your home's Home Energy Yardstick score (on a scale of 1 to 100), insights into how much of your home's energy use is related to heating and cooling versus other everyday uses like appliances, lighting, and hot water. You will also be able to receive an estimate of your home's annual carbon emissions. Home Energy Yardstick Services do require user authenication and the home information that you submit will not be saved for later reference.

Home Energy Yardstick

Method REST URI * Description
POST /hey Returns a list of metric values based on a specified property design. User authentication is required to use this web service.

* For the TEST environment, relative to the base URI:  https://portfoliomanager.energystar.gov/wstest

** Web services are only available in the TEST environment.