Exchanging Data: Resources to Help you Get Started

EPA offers a suite of RESTful web services that allow you to exchange data with Portfolio Manager. You can use these services to benchmark your own buildings, enter data on behalf of your customers, and receive ENERGY STAR metrics to incorporate in your own energy information software and services.

The Application Programming Interface (API)

Important Dates

  • Web Services 23.0 Beta Released on June 30, 2024 (Update Info)
  • Web Services 23.0 Live Scheduled for Release on August 25, 2024 (Update Info)
  • Standard Weekly Maintenance
    • Sunday from 8PM EDT to midnight EDT
    • Monday through Thursday from 10PM EDT to 11PM EDT
    • Regular procedures must be performed on EPA's ENERGY STAR systems to ensure they are properly maintained. Many of these maintenance procedures require interruption of services for the duration of the procedure. During the scheduled maintenance window you may experience anything from slow response, limited access, or no connectivity, or you may experience no interruption. Scheduled use of the system should be avoided during these windows.
Leaving Portfolio Manager